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We are a rapidly growing company involved in the Production, Import & Export of both Hybrid & O.P. varities. We have a strong R & D infrastructure & because of strong faith of our clients we thrive to achieve quality. If you have any questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Products Detail

Paddy Seed:(Certified)
Coarse Varieties :
KSK-282,KSK-133, Irri-99 and Irri-6
Fine varieties :
Basmati-515, Basmati-Super and  Basmati-2000
10 & 20 Kg packing in P.P, Cotton and China Cloth Bag

Imported Hybrid Paddy  Seed:
Coarse & Long Slender Varieties
1 Kg and 3 Kg Packing

Wheat Seed:(Certified)
Inquilab-91,Auqab-2000,Bhakkar-2002,Sahar-2006,Shafaq-2006,Fareed-2006,Faisalabad-2008,Lasani-2008,Meraj-2008,Aas-2010,Aari-2011, Millat-2011, Punjab-2011
Durable P.P 40 & 50 Kg Bags

Fodder Seeds:
Maize Golden and White Afgohi, Multi-cut Bajra. Barseem (Clover), Sorghum (OP), Sorghum Sudan Grass (Hybrid), Lucerne (AlfaAlfa),
Corn Seed: (Hybrid) Yellow and White Varieties.
Sunflower Seed : (Hybrid)
Pearl-Millet (Bajra): Hybrid for (Grain Purpose)
Vegetableseed: Both OP & Hybrids
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