Our firm, M/s Seed and Seed Processing (S&SP) has been delivering quality seeds of vegetables and field crops to farmers since 1996.

S&SP has its own Head office in Lahore, a research and development farm located at Manga Mandi, Lahore, where variety selection, multiplication, and breeding of various crops (e.g. Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Peas, Carrot and Radish)  is carried out. Its two seed processing and storage facilities, are located in Manga Mandi (Distt.Lahore) and Ferozewala (Distt. Gujranwala) ensures a supply of quality seeds. We have developed strict SOPs for the introduction of new varieties and brands for local and imported varieties. Our brands are Target, Winner, Marshal, and Capricorn.

We have the privilege of being members of the Seed Association of Pakistan (SAP) and the Asia and Pacific Seed Alliance Ltd. (Singapore / Thailand).